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Thread: All fightwear is gay and anyone wearing...

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    Once again I stand corrected and enlightened.
    Today has been a good day

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    Just before I was sat in an indians waiting to be seated, then in walks this dude with a UFC cap, UFC t-shirt and some tapout shorts. I couldn't help but laugh since this dude was like 6"2 120lb.

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    So, let me get his straight. According to certain people on here it's 'Gay' if you wear mma/ combat sport related clothes in public?

    If thats the case then i presume your bizzare thoughts apply to the following.

    The North Face: Cant wear any of these jackets unless you have walked to the North Pole or climbed Everest????

    Quicksilver/ Billabong e.t.c: Cant wear any of this gear unless you just beat Kelly Slater in the world Championships?????

    Lonsdale: Unless you just KO'd Hatton or Calzaghe dont even think about it!!!!!

    Football shirts: Unless your a first team player for a premier team dont even think about wearing a footie shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

    F1 Tops ( Ferrari ): Unless your names Hamilton or Alonso .............put the shirt down!!!!!!!

    Well i ask, please can those who started this post please explain to us all what exactly it is we can wear without looking gay??????

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    The answer is; North Face most certainly fine to wear you silly pants.
    It is a technical wear that is warm and cozy. Plus walking around it it doesnt signify "I am a bad ass fighter." It smacks more of "Ive read Into Thin Air" which is harmless enough.

    Face it. MMA wear is gay. It's like wearing Chuck Norris stretch crotch jeans and a Karate T-shirt everywhere. HIYAAA Gay. Gay. Gay.

    Esentially anything other than MMA wear and you'll be OK. Hope that helped.

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    i see you're this boards, grumpy cynical, truthfull, opinionated resident, everboard has one, and you should be proud to be one... but not too proud

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    Thank you sir.

    However, I rather like to fancy myself as an enlightening figure though. Delivering us from Gayness
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    well that is quite impossible, becuase there will always be gays and straight people, but if you mean it in the other way, no it would never work people are just too stubborn to really look at what you're saying some of the time, allthough some points i disagree we'll leave that for another day

    anyways some stuff id go out in public with

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