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Thread: All fightwear is gay and anyone wearing...

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    No I agree.
    In fact, I so much agree, that I don't think MMA gear should even be worn during training.
    There is no reason whatsoever, that you shouldn't be able to don a shirt and tie to sub wrestling and thai boxing.
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    what about board shorts on holiday?

    I agree, wearing it in public is kinda "look at me, ima cage fighter"

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    I generally agree you look a bit of a plonker walking round in UFC gear etc (unless you happened to be contracted to them!)

    that said, i have some nice NoGi board shorts which i use on holiday - don't think anyone who didn't train MMA would know what they were anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
    Seriously gay. It's like these weiners are so piss weak that they feel the need to 'advertize' that they "do MMA" (when really they are probably a fucking straw weight amatuer with a 0-20 record) so people will think they are badass but everyone just realises they are a tool.

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    I saw someone wearing a man u top the other day, after questioning turns out he never played for em!!! What are the chances? Mma is getting mainstream, stop getting precious about it.

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    Fair Point Eval but I maintain - Thai shorts, Spangly ones at that whilst shopping at Tescos is both gay and unnacceptable.

    I can live with most MMA gear cos it's got the mainstream fashion cross over thing which as you rightly say puts MMA in the frame. This can only be good.
    And t- shirts etc were made for wearing in all areas of life. The world is full of wannabes and pretenders who spend money. Thats great also for those trying to earn money.

    But Thai Shorts, spangly ones at that, with sandels on, whilst shopping at Tescos, with a trolley, can only be..........Gay and unnacceptable.

    I Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlameBoy View Post
    Your Mum says I look good in it when we were in the alleyway behind the pub! and she looked good wearing just my tshirt in the bedroom!
    Struck a nerve have we? i bet you're exactly the type Ryebread is taking the piss out of. I bet you even go clubbing in your Tap Out hoodie.

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    Bullshido dykes at a rave hahahaha:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confidence Man View Post
    Struck a nerve have we? i bet you're exactly the type Ryebread is taking the piss out of. I bet you even go clubbing in your Tap Out hoodie.
    Struck your Mums nerve!!!!

    Just a bit wound up by - all the "This is gay - Thats Gay - These things annoy me, I hate MMA now coz Its mainstream - I wanna be a rebel and disliked, Go away leave me alone" shit

    Grow up - get a life - get on with your training, after all thats what its about and enjoy the fact that your chosen sport is one of the fastest growing sports around - you'll get to see it more because of wanna be fighters - better facilities will come because of it and better instructors will come because of it.

    I dont remember the last time I went Clubbing! - unless of course you mean cross training at a different club - then that was last night!

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