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    is there any particular difference between the British Judo council (BJC) and the British Judo assocaition (BJA).

    i've noticed the BJC do some sort or kata. it may just be ignorance but i thought there where no kata in judo?

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    Lots of kata's in judo,
    BJC & BJA are separate organisations however they are affiliated & have been for some time now.
    BJC mainly put their efforts into non competitive judo and treating judo as a martial art where as the BJA focus mainly on sport judo and try to keep away from the martial art tag.
    I think the BJC use katas in gradings at an earlier grade where as the bja use katas from about 2nd dan.

    Just different and a horses for courses approach is better than 1 is better than the other

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    Moves such as Kani Basami (sp?) - the leg scissors are illegal in judo but are included in some kata's. Also in some kata's weapons such as knives are used. I only know of a couple of clubs (bja) that practice kata's / renaisence judo on a semi regular basis.
    BJC clubs are more inclined to do this type of judo.

    I think it is important to keep Kata's involved in judo as essentially EVERYTHING in judo has evolved from this starting point, despite this i am extremely weak at kata. It is something i would like to go into in my forties

    In relation to grades - it really depends what club you go to, but it is pointless if you cannot do basic less technical techniques then why is there a need to practice the more technical / illegal techniques?

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    Training Judo is one of the most rewarding decisions i have made.

    It takes ages to learn,but once in a while when you break someones balance correctly and apply a throw with correct technique and timing,they fly effortlessly and it feels like magic.

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    You need to work on techniques such as, o goshi, tai otoshi, ippon seoi nage, ko & o uchi gari and o soto gari. That is all you need for the first year or so. Keep stood up despite the temptation to stick your arse out and put your head down. Continue to break fall.

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