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Thread: Good grappling/groundfighting DVD's

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    Default Good grappling/groundfighting DVD's

    I am a stand-up and at the moment won't be training in any grappling or groundfighting arts so can anyone advise me on any good DVD's that would atleast give me some background and knowledge on this? Purely for the purpose of extending my knowledge as I know that most street fights statistically end up on the ground.


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    Karo Parysian judo for MMA
    Braulio Estima's DVD set
    any Baret Yoshida DVD

    I used these to pick up basic tips, plus youtube has some pretty good stuff


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    Marcelo Garcia

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    We stock a number of excellent BJJ DVDs by Ze Marcelo

    BJJ DVDs
    Black Eagle Martial Arts

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    anything by roy harris (namely bjj 101)
    levos stuff (although last i knew it was all out of stock)
    the usa wrestling coaches syllabus

    although if your aim isn't MMA and technicality you might be better off having a look at the geoff thompson stuff
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    Default DVD's

    Flavio Almeida Sweeps DVD
    Leo Vieira Extreme DVD set
    Saulo Ribeiro JJ Revolution (MUST HAVE reagrdless of association)
    Pe de Pano
    Keith Owen Favourite moves
    Tinguinha, all of his for open guard mastery

    or visit, to name a couple of sites.

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    I find theres more and more stuff popping up on youtube recently which is nice.

    How about bas dvds of combat, pretty good for beginners. I really like erik paulsons stuff too....most of the other stuff worth having has already been mentioned.

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    Leigh Remedious' DVD is very good for beginners.

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    Leigh Remedious' DVD is very good for beginners.
    Agreed, covers ALOT of stuff, very cheap and you can hear Leigh / understand is accent! A lot of instructionals are by Brazilians and are hard to understand or are done far away from a mic and are hard to hear!

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