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    What do you think about having 5 Judges for a MMA fight?

    Would it help to find the more definate result or do you think it would be an extra two potential feck ups?

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    Joe Rogan said in an interview something about having a 30 point scoring system, which I guess would go something like:

    10-9 on Takedowns
    10-9 on Submissions
    10-9 on Stand Up

    Think it gets too complicated though... and in a way forces people to get well rounded, as you may whoop a guy to shit standing up and get taken down once, put in one simple and easy to get out of submission in the last 10 seconds and technically the judges should score it against you 9-10, 9-10, 10-9, which would frankly be shit.

    I think it is fine how it is, OK there are some dodgy decisions, but at the end of the day it makes things exciting and sets up re-matches and is very rare anyway. It happens in boxing as well... plenty of decisions fo the wrong way, olympic wrestling is the same and often competition jujitsu is a matter of opinion, do you give it to someone who put on more submissions or the guy who countered / escaped all the submissions he was put in?

    Combat sports are very hard to score unfortunetly. Good topic though
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    P.S. Your name sounds scare-ily like mine :P
    "When you're not training; somebody else is training to kick your ass."
    Part of Team Savage. Trained by Alex 'The Boy' Owen:

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    I think one of the main problems with the 10 point must system is the way it's being applied. IMO judges are too reluctant to score a round 10-10 when the round is very close, giving fighters the win on rounds when it's difficult to pick who won will always result in controversial decisions.

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    sometimes I think they use the "I think he won" system...

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