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    Hi guys,

    It's gonna sound a bit strange what I am going to ask here but I thought I might give it a try.
    I live in SE London(New Cross Gate Area) and for couple of months I used to train MMA with Coach Mickey Papas from Team Titan at Plumstead Leisure Centre..wicked class!Unfortunately Mick had an accident and had to close the class on Saturday...he still teaches in North London though.
    I myself teach Filipino Martial Arts(Dog Brothers) on Monday in the same place.
    The facilities are great...well it is a Leisure Centre.Another thing is that Plumstead Leisure Centre is run by GLL ltd,the company I work for as fitness instructor.
    Unforunately SE London is lacking BIG TIME BJJ Classes as I looked around and couldn't find nothing and I am sure there is a huge market for it.So basically I am trying to find a BJJ instructor who might be interested in starting a class here at Plumstead Leisure Centre.At the moment the slot I am aware of being available is the saturday one from around 11am(to replace the MMA class)
    In terms of training facility: one badminton court with judo mats,changing rooms,showers..etc..and another VERY good thing-FREE CAR PARK-HOOOREY!!!And also Greenwich is pretty close.
    To rent out the place is CHEAP but for these details please send me a PM so we can discuss.
    I myself I am very interested in training as ground work is definitely something I am lacking and there are loads like myself around.
    So if you are BJJ Instructor looking to expand your network and interested in this opportunity please pm and I'll give you more details.

    All the best,

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    I sent to your private messages box a reply mate

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