"The Machine" personal seminar at your gym

Christmas is coming and bills are coming think and fast so I have decided to start up my seminars around the country at different gyms, at a reduced price to normal.

No matter if your a beginner or a professional, I can instruct a 3 hour seminar to your requirement.

I can do a mixture of techniques like striking, GnP, wrestling, submissions, greco-roman, escapes, cage control and more. What ever you wish to work on.

I've been told by many that my coaching style is second to none. Clear, precise and broken down for anyone to understand and take in.

I've learnt from the greatest fighters in the world such as Bas Rutten, Marco Ruas, Pat Miletich, Renzo Gracie, Matt Hughes, Josh Barnett, Jens Pulver, Jeremy Horn, Tim Silvia, Maurice Smith, Ted Williams, Tom Errickson, Jason Godsey and many, many more.

And I'm sure those who have trained with me, trained by me and have had a seminar with me, will all tell you how good of a coach and teacher I am.

Book your 3 hour seminar now for only 300 .. anywhere in the UK.

If you have any questions, please PM me or mail me. Thanks!