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Thread: The Machine personal Seminar's

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    I can do a mixture of techniques like striking, GnP, wrestling, submissions, greco-roman, escapes, cage control and more. What ever you wish to work on.
    I think that answers it!

    Are you into Submission GnT?
    or do you prefer to be ground and pounded?
    Team War4Sure, Full Time MMA Gym In Gravesend, Kent

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    No the rear mount is more to my liking, however sizzling soze it does not answer my question at all. I did read the content of the programme, that does not suffice an angenda , which is something different. It is a planned programme of events

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    I had a really good Sledge joke but it keeps getting deleted.

    It was a play on what he said " A great price for a great Bl..."

    I thought it was funny for fucks sakes.

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    Rear mount. Mmmmm.

    If you let Sledge do that he'd rest his apple pie on your back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confidence Man View Post
    "Christmas is coming and bills are coming in thick and fast". Freeman needs a quick buck it seems. The guys at Hays Office Suppoort still haven't found him anything.
    lol, my MC work slacken's off this time of year. not so many events going on.... so, I decided to spend some of my spare time training you guy's ... a lot of you need the help believe me. (joke)

    Quote Originally Posted by ginandtonic View Post
    What is the Agenda for the Seminar?
    The dates are open to which ever days you and I are free to conduct the seminar!

    It's your seminar. you can have any kind of training you wish.

    for example: if your a kickboxing gym, no good doing stand-up for the 3 hours. If your BJJ, then learn a few wrestling moves or GnP..... but what most people fail to train is Greco or cage wall training .. those who have trained with me will tell you I'm one of the best at standing clinch and cage control work.
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    The Machine

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    Is it 300 pounds a person?

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    i'm not telling You my planned events, i don't even know them, only the voices inside here do!

    let the Machine Chill keep bugging him and all that, he's probably spending more time on his PC answering you than eating steak and lifting heavy things!

    Go on GnT back to the general forum where you belong!
    Team War4Sure, Full Time MMA Gym In Gravesend, Kent

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    Thats lke charging Sledge a dollar per pound

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    Piss off G&T deserves to be right my side. She's my bling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryebread View Post
    Thats lke charging Sledge a dollar per pound
    I like you Ryebread, but please stop killing my thread. Take sledge on a date if he interests you that much.

    some of us are trying to proving a genuine service to our comrades in training!

    thank you!
    The Machine

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