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Thread: Koral MKM or Koral Classic

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    Don't know what the Atama Mundials is like, but comparing my old Atama singleweave to my Korals, I'd say the Atama has a slimmer cut in the body and the sleeves, but has a much longer skirt and would suit a taller person, whereas the Koral isn't as tailored in the body or sleeves, but has a much shorter skirt piece. Pants on the Koral are much better then the Atama's, slimmer cut without affecting movement, and don't have the saggy arse that most gi pants have.


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    Just got my Koral MKM, bloody lovely it is too!

    Its my first 'proper' Gi, so I don't have nothing to compare it to I guess. I've been training in a cheap shitty old Judo for the past 3 months!

    Can't wait to unleash it in training tonight!

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    ^Nice. What colour did u get? What weave are they, cause they seem light in weight. Thanks for the comparison Sir Tapsalot.

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    I went for the white. I really really wanted the two tone but no where seems to be stocking it.

    I wasn't sure of the blue and I definately didn't want black or red since I've only been doing BJJ for a few months!

    Got stinking in training tonight already though, so I might go for blue next!

    Actually I haven't seen any store state what weave it is, I would have assumed gold but it dosen't state it anywhere on the labelling either.

    Anyway I was chuffed to bits when I got it on, looks great, feels great, and fits great, just need a matching Koral belt now!

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    Korals are singleweaves, golds have a completely different weave pattern

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    We are in the process of becoming a distributor for Padilla & Sons Kimonos in the UK. They are in transit at the moment and are expected some time in December.

    If you have never seen or heard of these gi's then take a look at the following links:

    Padilla & Sons

    A thread from NHB Gear Forum,74275.0.html

    A review comparing Padilla & Sons Gis with Atama & Koral MKM

    PM me if you are interested. These are the best gi's and they will be in the UK for the right price.

    We are only getting the Blue Gold Weave in the first shipment.

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    I ordered my Koral MKM from Dragon Bleu. On their site, at the time they quoted approx 120 inc delivery for the Gi. But cos the exchange rate was in our favour, when it came to sending the money via paypal it only cost me 99 all in.

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