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    Sent my application with show reel, interveiw, photos etc, by air shawl from Royal mail on the 16th nov last week, who guaranteed it would get there within 10 days, the deadline being the 26th nov.
    Just trying to track my parcel on net and by phone to customer services, I was told it has been given to USA postal service and is waiting to be delivered. What does this mean? Lady on phone said it could take up to 25 days. F'ing bolloxs!

    Any one got a number or email for the UK ufc office or rep? I would be very greatful.

    Im gonna get on that show and win it!

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    Nice one mate, would be great to see yer on there! Sorry cant help you with a number etc

    Is it a MW show then?

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    I will see if I can find something out Alex

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    be awesome to see you on there mate!

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    Left it a bit late. I'm surprised you didn't try to get to New Jersey for an open casting call.

    Good luck.
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    In this internet age it's amazing they need paperwork. Link to youtube account with vids and a text document with CV seems sensible.

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    Email me Alex and I'll give you contact details for UFC UK and for producers of Spike TV.
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    Royal mail is not the best for tracking items but we send many things to the USA and one hasnt gone missing yet.

    What is air shawl??? do you mean air sure????? as we always send stuff international recorded using the purple slip!

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    Thanks a bunch to all you guys. Gonna meet with the uk ufc reps personaly. Managed to redo a package, and gonna give it to the guys fist hand. Opportunities a knocking at the door!

    Thanks again.

    Bloody RoyalMail (Air Sure)

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