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Thread: does ephedrine burn muscle away aswell as fat?

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    Default does ephedrine burn muscle away aswell as fat?


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    No, I take it your refering to the ECA stack?

    Eat properly and you'll be fine! Unless you've got a dodgy ticker etc
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    muscle is fairly durable and won't burn away as quickly as ppl think, however if your diet is shit and you don't eat much protein then you'll slowly wither away, in fact cardio whether it be exercise based or training based will try and eat into tissue before fat.

    If on eph then keep the protein high and you should be fine, protein will preserve muscle.

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    bang on,cheers

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    taking asprin around training (as part of the ECA stack) will inhibit muscle growth.

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    I dont think muscle growth was his goal anyway so cant see that being a problem. How does the asprin inhibit muscle growth anyway ? I thought it just thins the blood and increased flow due to dilation of vessels ( or some shit like that )

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    is taking asprin important , is taking just ephedrine on its own not as good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgp View Post
    is taking asprin important , is taking just ephedrine on its own not as good?
    Asprin thins the blood I believe. Not sure how that positively effect s Ephedrine, but it does. Taking pure Eph is not as effective as taking an ECA stack (Eph, Caffine and Asprin). There is also the benefit of some pain relieve during training.

    There have been studies into the effectiveness of Caffine on it's own and they are quite positive.

    The one thing that has confused with regard to muscle development is that most natural growth hormone is released during deep sleep (which is some of the benefits of GABA), however, Eph and Caf interupt sleep paterns, so could they alos reduce the amount of Natural GH released?

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    Dont Take Aspirin Take L-arginine Instead!!

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