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Thread: Battleground Results

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    Default Battleground Results

    Here`s the results - winners on the left, runners up on the right
    James Allison v James Fleet - full dist/judges dec
    Nakash Sadiq v Mark Rutter - rnd2/1min56/tko
    Kyle Spencer v Lee Hill - full dist/judges dec
    Rob Hughes v Billy Glossop - rnd1/4min24/g`tine
    Gavin Hunt v Sean Davison - rnd1/1min32/g`tine
    Nathan Thompson v Liam Corbet - rnd3(overtime)g`tine
    Semi Pro
    Tom Izzett v Mamaris Afsar - rnd1/2min15/side choke
    Matthew Taylor v Kevin Coop - rnd1/37sec/armbar
    Ethan Beaumont v Christian Pereira - rnd1/3min1/g`tine
    Craig Wilson v Waikee Kwok - rnd1/1min50/g`tine
    Michael Young v Mike Cane - rnd1/3min56/achilles
    Marc Healy v Peter Biggins - rnd1/1min8/armbar
    Johny Kemp v Dan Busitil - rnd1/2min25/rnc
    Nathan Boyce v Richard Taylor - rnd1/1min39/tko/g+p
    Edwin Junior v Markus Hipp - rnd1/5sec/tko

    Thanks to everybody who helped to make the show a success -
    Referee - Neil Hall
    Judges - Mick Noakes, Chris Walton, Lee Holdsworth
    Timekeeper - Mike Oliver
    Respect to all the fighters, win or lose, it takes a lot of guts to get up there and fight in front of all those people.
    Well Done.
    The DVD should be ready next week.
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    unlucky mark well done chicken how did ya win

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    Well done on anouther win!!!!!!!

    Heard Rutter stopped fighting to crawl out the ring and be sick?

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    Top show thanks to all those who came out and supported me

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    Great show again cliff. Some great fights.

    Thought Neil hall did an excellent job as ref as usual..was a good spot by him, to notice something was wrong with Mark rutter, just before he was sick.

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    how did the semi pro and pro fights end?

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    good win edwin. u seemed pretty pissed that the german fighter went down so easily .

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    Default Bg7

    powerhouse - Markus was dropped by a heavy kick to the knee then taken to hospital by ambulance where the doctors checked him over - they said it was a bad injury and may take a few weeks before he can train again - he went home to Germany on crutches and he was bitterly disappointed with his performance - I wish Markus a speedy recovery and hope he will return to the UK for a rematch at the next Battleground early next year.
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    i fully understand that it was heavy kick to the knee , just trying to understand that its dissapoining for a fighter when there opponent is downed so quickly, although a good win , still dissapointing when you have prepared for what could be a war.

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    All the best to Makus i hope he has a speedy recovery, take nothing away from him hes a good fighter, just ot him in the right spot/bad spot depending on how you look at it.

    Bit gutted it did nt go on longer, but looking forward to the next one

    Thanks again to Cliff and all the guys at battleground

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