Hi Guys,

Me calling it Kosen judo is just a name (I am naming it Kosen to honor the old Kosen guy's) - the classes will be a combination of Judo and BJJ maybe if I explain:-

I have a black belt in judo (which I have been studying for 7 years) my speciality is in ne-waza.

I have trained with Carlson Gracie's team in Hammersmith and Leo Negao in Bethnel Green

I am also one of the coaches for the Reading Reapers

Alot of BJJ guys of blue or Purple belt are opening classes are they any more eligible than me to teach

As some of the people who I have trained with:- SteveBags, DDale, SteveB maybe some of the Carlson guy's will remember.

PS it could be considered quite offensive that someone would assume that I am only going to teach things I have learned at a BJJ seminar