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Thread: Kosen Judo in Wokingham

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    Hi Guys,

    Me calling it Kosen judo is just a name (I am naming it Kosen to honor the old Kosen guy's) - the classes will be a combination of Judo and BJJ maybe if I explain:-

    I have a black belt in judo (which I have been studying for 7 years) my speciality is in ne-waza.

    I have trained with Carlson Gracie's team in Hammersmith and Leo Negao in Bethnel Green

    I am also one of the coaches for the Reading Reapers

    Alot of BJJ guys of blue or Purple belt are opening classes are they any more eligible than me to teach

    As some of the people who I have trained with:- SteveBags, DDale, SteveB maybe some of the Carlson guy's will remember.

    PS it could be considered quite offensive that someone would assume that I am only going to teach things I have learned at a BJJ seminar

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    my fren how many classes you do with leo negao in bethernal green and how many with carlson team in hammersmith?

    most bjj guys who are purple belt are animals.are you animal?
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    Hi mate,

    With all due respect, I think naming your class "Kosen" is misleading, as Kosen refers to a specific variant/school of Judo. So while your intentions are good, and your training focus is on the same area of Judo as the Kosen schools, using the term "Kosen" implies a connection with the original Kosen schools that doesn't exist. I think that a more accurate description is just to say that you're teaching ne-waza focused Judo (which is what you'll end up saying anyway the first time someone asks "what's Kosen").

    As for blue and purple belts teaching BJJ, while they may not have as much experience as yourself (though a blue or purple could easily be training for 7 years), they would be teaching the same art they train - BJJ, whereas you're advertising teaching a specific and documented Judo variant that you have not trained in (if you have, then please ignore my comments). It's not your skills that are in question, just the use of "Kosen" in an incorrect context.


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    Fair enough - I had some specific reasons for choosing Kosen, but if it is such a problem call it Judo Ne-Waza (It really doesn't matter with me).

    As for my abilities:- I have tapped out Blues and Purples in No-Gi and Judo Black belts in Gi (With more than twice my experience).

    I have trained a few months with both camps

    I got my black belt in a line up of 5 opponents:- 3 armbars, 1 Hold-down and 1 throw.

    Bottom line if you don't like what I am trying to do then don't come - simple

    Now how about you tell me your backgrounds so I know who is criticising me

    The only one I know who has a right to is J-Sho

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    I'm not criticising you or your abilities - I was only asking about the Kosen aspect cos I'm interested in the history of both Judo and BJJ, so I was immediately intrigued when you said Kosen Judo. As for who I am, I'm an average blue belt training BJJ with Eduardo Carriello in London with absolutely zero to hide.


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    so you tapped out blue belt and purple belt at leo negao academy and carlson
    in hammersmith?

    why you say no gi?

    if no gi how you know what belt they have?

    i am purple belt from niteroi near rio.i do not believe you tap any blues or purples especially from carlson rio those guys not tapping.period.i look up leo negao on google and he proper blackbelt.i am also saying you not able to tap his students either.

    i am purple belt and no judo guy going to tap me especially without gi unless flavio fucking canto.

    i call b.s.

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    WCJG - most of the guys on here have a valid point in relation to Kosen judo, it is like a freestyle wrestler opening a club called Greco-Roman Wrestling Club, quite simply it doesnt make sense.

    What judo club do you go to? Pinewood?, There are some excellent judoka in Wokingham.

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    maybe you tapping these guys blues and purples
    and i see why no gi!

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    Look I meant no offence I am simply trying to run a GI session for my club.

    I feel that argueing about something as trivial as this is stupid.

    The blues and purples are legit they told me their grades, I might of been having a good day they might of been having a bad day, who knows.

    If you are a purple you should be well aware that the belt colour doesn't make you good (I am not saying you are not, but there are some shockingly bad grapplers out there)

    I have tapped most of these guys when they come to my club

    The Carlson guy's in london are VERY GOOD and I never said I tapped any of Leo's guys (When I was going there were only 3 of us)

    Once again a appoligise if I have caused offence - I fully beleive that if you are a Purple in Brazil you must be very good - you must understand that most people think a Judoka cant fight on the ground, I am just trying to explain that I can - I might not be the best, but I have seen worse than me teaching.

    I am trying to increase my knowledge of grappling - if I was to have someone come to the club who was better than me and my instructer, we both would welcome the chance to learn as it is their is no BJJ within easy reach of us

    I respect everyones abilities, but time after time you get guy's making comments about things like this, with actually very little in the way of training

    I hope that you would be able to stop by Reading if you are ever in the country and help us to learn more grappling

    I really hope we can make ammends now before this gets blown out of all proportion and end this as friends

    PS I have nothing against BJJ, in fact I would be training in it if I could

    PPS I have changed the title to read session - this is to show everyone that it will be a chance for anyone who turns up to learn - if there is anyone there better or more experienced than me, then we will of course share techniques.

    I am open to learn from everyone

    SORRY FOR ANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS (I am not recanting what I said, I have just not thought the naming of the session through enough)
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    you say if i am purple i should know belt color does not make a guy good?

    no but if guy get purple belt it because he good.

    you say there some "shockingly bad grapplers" out there.
    my fren there no bad purple i said befor purple belt
    for animals and if you white belt in bjj (i not care about judo belt)
    you did not tap purple belt unless he purple in kung fu 5 animal drunken
    bruce lee system.not bjj.if you tap a purple say from what academy.
    i bet it from bullshit combat eric paulson leg lock club.not bjj.

    you not tapping purple from bjj,and not even blue unless from royce.

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