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Thread: Kosen Judo in Wokingham

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    at least we agree wolfpack spasticated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smiler View Post
    Tapping a person is not the aim unless in competition.

    Learning and developing, however, is the aim.

    I can't agree with you more mate; I was a black belt under Mick O'Connor at Burnley and while we were coming up though the ranks the then black belt instructors would never tap for anything, me and the other lower grades were disheartened by this as we never knew if we were doing the moves correctly, consequently as we got older bigger and better they had no choice but to tap, but the lesson learned from this was that when I taught myself I always let the pupils tap me out in randori by giving them present i.e. the odd straight arm

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    Judo and BJJ they have different objectives so you know a good guy in each will have better skills in there respective areas, both arts are complete for there own sports structure.
    I came from a m/thai background before grappling and in m/thai we embraced boxing because the two sports compliment each other, that is why I think I have a similar opinion with judo/bjj.

    Good luck with the club.

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    yeh good luck, don't call it kosen though because that will invite problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by creonte View Post
    maybe i reading thread wrong?
    Yes you are, Judo Guy is genuine and hes a good teacher. Either come along or don't, arguing the toss about definitions is achieving nothing here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WCJudoGuy View Post
    Hi all,

    It is a fact that alot of Judoka are not that skilled on the floor, they do use to much strength and not enough technique.

    I am trying to change that in some small way by giving Judoka of white belt through brown belt a chance to do more ground work and to get more technical in it.

    I have never said I was the best, I was asked a direct question about my abilities to teach Ne-waza which I answered.

    I have been tapped out by white belts in Training, just as I have Tapped higher grades (that is what training is for).

    I mensioned No-Gi because I will not claim to beating purple belts with the GI (I am formost a Submmission Wrestler) - but I am good enough to teach.

    As for training with Carlson's Guys I was a regular at Camberley untill the class closed and then I trained in London while I was working there (I have the utmost respect for those guys - especially Dickie and Simon).

    As for you "Traitor" you are obviously a troll - you say your a Purple belt but you sound more like a 3 month white belt - with the whole "No one can beat me I do BJJ" attitude.

    Here is a list of guys who don't train BJJ but have beaten BJJ guys:-

    Kasushi Sakuraba
    Takanori Gomi
    Hayato Sakurai
    Dan Henderson
    Randy Couture
    Matt Lindland
    Karo Parisyan (sp?)
    Mark Kerr
    Mark Coleman
    Fedor Emelienenko
    Alexander Overeem
    Mirko Cro-Cop
    Tito Ortis
    Chuck Liddel
    Leigh Ramedios
    Paul Reed

    Do I need to continue?

    This is not an attack on BJJ as I REALY respect it and Would be doing it if I could find a good club close by.
    I have trained BJJ though. Sorry.

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