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    Gary 'Smiler' Turner
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    I've got a test for myself this week - got a week's training with the military judo teams! They're all converging on Aldershot for a week's residential course, so I'm going over each day for randori n' stuff. Just leaving for a 2hour randori session this afternoon...

    It will be a great chance for me to test my skills, improve, and then put in place what I need to do to improve - and also it will help me to remember and learn the judo competition rules before doing some more competitions - I've forgotten the rules, lol!

    I'll keep you posted with how the week goes, but with a 10-30-4pm session tomorrow, and 2.5hours kickboxing tonight, it looks like I'm in for a tiring week...


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    Good Luck with it Gary-definately seems like a worth while training plan.
    Don't hurt any of them-our country needs them! LOL

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    I heard you called them all big girls blouses ?

    *sits back and waits for Smiler to look like shite on Weds morning*
    No natural ability, no skills, no conditioning, no quitting

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    Say hello to Tom Miller for me from the Marines, he does BJJ aswell.
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai Boxing in Farnborough
    Full time academy!

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    Good luck Gary,

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    Simon Childs is the practice you would want Gary - 100kg lovely judoka

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