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Thread: My normal little break from the forum.

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    Default My normal little break from the forum.

    If you don't see me for a while don't worry... as Arnie say's... I'll be back.

    Gonna have a little break... starting to get my stressed and angry head on over the forum again.

    Confidence Man has appologised to me and thats cool in my book, but still gonna keep off till the new year.

    Keep your eye's and ears open for my fighter Alex Cook as he will be fighting December 29th in the IFL.

    Merry Xmas everyone... chat soon.
    The Machine

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    have a great xmas ian, you and your family xx
    a.k.a domiere!!

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    Merry Christmas Ian, All to best to you and your family for 2008. See you in February.

    From all at Strike & Submit
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    I really cant blame u .... its crap when u go into a thread about pro mma and get a load of twats posting stuff nothing 2 do with mma, they just want to wind people up! (most of the time it works)
    This forum aint wot it use 2b.
    Merry xmas mate ave a good one.

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    Alright mate, i wouldn t let them wind you up and i d just post on here when you want to announce things about ya gym and mc ing work, its them that lose out not you, you owe no one nothing and have nothing to prove to them, they don t know what dedication it takes to fight.

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    You and your family have a brilliant xmas and i know good things are happening with IFL and im sure all of us on here would say we couldnt have found a better Leader for the british bulldogs.

    All the best Ian

    Birmingham Wrestling

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    Hope you and yours have a Happy Christmas and a fab New Year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE MACHINE View Post
    Confidence Man has appologised to me and thats cool in my book, but still gonna keep off till the new year.

    Merry Xmas everyone... chat soon.

    at a recent comp someone was telling me that confidence's lass posts on here too, they've seen her at one of the gym's up here she was with some other people. she's as fit as fuck they tell me.

    all the best Ian for next year

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    have a good crimbo mate an il c u when your back down ere in march for c,g

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    Happy Christmas mate, and a good new year

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