Ok I do a bit of regular work for this rich couple in their early fourties. They have this absolutely huge house with loads of land and I go down every now and then and keep the gardens nice and tidy, prune the hedges and generally do the back breaking labourous tasks that rich folk can't be arsed with.

Thing is the husband is a nerdy fat bald guy with glasses and he's always off on business trips and/or working away from home. Fuck knows what he does exactly but he looks big time and clearly has waaaay too much money. His wife is fit as fuck and looks extremely slick and flash but I also reckon there is a naughtiness in her eyes that hints at her being absolutely filth in bed. She also really likes me and always comes out and talks to me while I'm working and whatnot.

Therefore, I plan on moving in next week and shagging her while her husband is away. But how should I go about doing this? Should I just lay it on thick and charge in or should I be more subtle and test the water and gradually increase the flirting? No daft answers like "just get your cock out and thrust it at her". That's something Sledge would say, and look at him. I want some quality advice.