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    Default show timings

    what do you think about the timings of shows? For example would it be good to have a show with the fights throughout the afternoon so there would be time to rest and clean up before the evening party or whatever. Fighters that I've spoken to say that they would prefer an earlier show
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    Its a good idea. However i know quite a few people who are going by train for 4-8 hours. So having it too early will screw alot of people coming any sorta distance.

    Same could be said having it too late as they might miss the last train?
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    Also why is teh show gonna be a a sunday. As most people have work, and public tyransports is about as good as a 1 legged man in a sack race on a sunday.

    I know that i will miss the last train home to london on the 16th. and i'll probably have to stand about outside the station all night like i did in brighton when i missed the train there (but thats another story)

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    I meant shows in general not just CageWarriors 3
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