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Thread: Junior Mma Fighter Wanted For Cage Gladiators

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirty dick View Post
    With regards to CRB's - it certainly does not make one special, in fact it is just a fishing net with VERY large wholes that on occassion fishes out those that have previous convictions that may reflect potential harm to children in the future. It is more likely that coaches etc will come into the sport to exploit & have contact with children that do not have pre-cons

    Clearly Emile you did not re-read the thread carefully and the mis-information provided is from you. As you can see i highlight the flaws in the CRB system & also highlight that it is more of an issue for coaches. I won't hold my breath for an apology though.

    I do however agree that it is a shame that this thread went so far off topic (largely due to myself- i said so earlier & that is why i have reduced the amounts of responses.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emile View Post
    After reading through all of the related replies to this thread its such a shame that the focus has been taken away from the positive representation that these future champions of mma bring to the uk scene. The inclusion of children competing on professional event cards can only help legitimise the sport and further us away from the stereotypical views currently held by the mainstream uk media and general population. there is no outcry when children compete in amateur boxing tournaments or other "traditional" combat/mixed martial arts therefore why should mma be any different. I am more than aware of the stringent safety procedures implemented at the Cage Gladiator events, I could go in to more detail regarding these procedures but feel that its not warranted in this forum environment.

    In reference to the issues raised over CRB and related legalities of children competing, I知 surprised how much mis-information has been posted in this thread. Dirty dick, it seems that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing in your case! you have posted regarding the issue of CRB ( not relevant in relation to a child competing in a sporting event in a licensed premises). the only time CRB is relevant in this situation would be a training/teaching environment were any teaching staff would have to be CRB checked. If we use dirty dicks premise it could be argued that anybody watching the bout would have to have a valid CRB- are you saying that this is how it should be? in relation to a local area safeguarding committee they would be operating out of their remit and have no legal standing in relation the governing of the event.

    I知 impressed that you have been so interested in the event especially as you "don稚 care for the individuals involved". in fact so impressed that I have written to Gordon Brown and have recommended you for a role as a cabinet advisor in helping contribute to the nanny state that we live in.

    Oh and before I知 accused of making something personal or attacking somebody痴 personal views- I知 not, I知 just correcting the inaccuracies posted in the thread.
    well said emile. jon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimmy View Post
    call me over reacting if it is that but isnt 14 to young to fight mma? surely bones havnt fully developed fully or they risk injury to early on to compete in mma? are there special rules or something or is this an OK age to start?

    im not having a pop or anything iv just never heard of someone this young doing mma
    Theres a 14 year old I've seen who is a BJJ blue belt and national level amatuer boxing, most men wouldn't want any of him as for mcgann kid has skills.

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    Default how do i join

    i'm serious ive wanted to fight sice i was 9
    i want chance, i will give my best HOW DO I JOIN!!!!!!!

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    Default junior fighter

    im a 16 yr old mutai fighter lookin two fight in the cage i train with mark wear and shai mills hw can i do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce View Post

    Jack McGann at Cage Gladiators last year
    Hi there I am 15 and weigh 63 kg and have had 2 junior mma fights with 2 wins and would be interested in fighting

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