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Thread: Pro 65kg Wanted for Feb 3rd

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    Default Pro 65kg Wanted for Feb 3rd

    Pro U65kg needed for Strike & Submit 5.

    Opponent is 59\60kg fight up to 65kg 2-3-0

    If anybody is interested please send your details to

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    ttt come on guys this is a great show ther has ta be some 1

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    The fighter needing an opponent is Billy Saul.

    billy was beaten by Robin Robinson last fight out and is a few years older than most of us... yes even me.

    Billy has only one or two more fights left in him, so it would be very appreciative is someone could step up and fight him.

    Many thanks.
    The Machine

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    i could.. if wanted
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchman View Post
    i could.. if wanted
    to be honest mate, your too skilled for him. you'd finish him in seconds on the floor.
    The Machine

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    ok no problem good luck with finding a good opponent.

    btw ian i will send you a pm.

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    Had some intrest in this but if there is anybody intersted who maybe 58/60kg please send your details to

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    Got this sorted thanks to Andy Ryan SBG Northside, Dublin.

    Billy Saul will now fight Eric Boylan u60kg.

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    Thanks guys.
    The Machine

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