Back on board with Todd Hester and crew, my column wont be in til the March issue, but here's a press release!


The January issue of Gladiator Magazine is now available in bookstores nationwide in the US and in selected bookstores in UK and Europe and also around the world. The issue features an in-depth interview with former Pride and UFC fighter Frank Trigg, talking about how he got started in MMA and why he signed tofight in Mark Cuban's new HDNet Fight show.

This issue also features extensive KOTC coverage from Alburquerque, Fury FC from Rio, NAGA American Championships and Reality Fighting coverage from the U.S. East Coast, the BJJ U.S. Open from the U.S. West Coast, Mark Kerr fighting in the Xcess event in Hollywood, Erik Paulson's return to the cage, and the Hawaiian Triple Crown finals from Hawaii.

In addition, there are interviews and features on Helio Gracie, legendary freestyle wrestler Dan Gable,and Karl Gotch and Matt Furey doing catch wrestling.There are also numerous training and technique articles including choke set-ups, closed guard attacks, and other training tips to make you a better grappler and fighter. Also don't miss the special feature on the 2007 Baja1000 off-road race from Mexico!

If you thought cagef ighting and grappling was tough just wait until you read what these guys go through! Gladiator is available for international subscription by going to

For a limited time only, subscribe to Gladiator Magazine and get a free Gladiator Challenge DVD, a $24.95 value! That's almost like getting a full year (6 issues) of Gladiator for free!