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Thread: Leeroy Barnes talking crap as usual

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    Thumbs down Leeroy Barnes talking crap as usual

    I'll Just leave this here

    Talking about fighting some 4-1 guy on CW when he's had 30 fights. Despite never winning ONCE in Cagewarriors....

    Leeroys last 3 fights

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    Leeroys records interesting, he has fought alot of good fighters however it seems (on paper) that in some instances when he gets beat he bounces back with 3 straight wins against cans or first timers.

    Early career lost 3 of first 3 pro fights come back to fight 2 guys who are now 3-10 and 2-20. Then loses two comes back to fight a guy now 1-6. Wins then fights a guy now 2-3.

    Loses then fights the first of the guys on his record with a winning record (referencing now) 3-2.

    Beats Danny Welsh (7-37)

    Beats Nathan Court in his debut, by this time Leeroys fights are in double figures (3-2). Beats Stone (3-17) and Threlfall (0-1)

    Biggest win of career against Matt Ewin (23-13)

    Beats Burns (8-6) and (5-2) Watson, good going in these last two fights then wins over guys who are 0-1, 0-1 and 1-15.

    Obviously not counting the guys he fought and lost of which some of them are real good UK fighters.

    Leeroys winning record consists of wins over guys who are overall

    61 Wins
    136 loses

    Probably not fair to call another guy a can crusher
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    good post Nimmy. Matt Ewin is probably his best win but overall, however he's never beaten anyone to talk the way he does. Yes he has faced some good names but he's never looked competitive against most of them.

    He even turned down a fight with Dez Parker for another fight on a regional show against a 0-1 guy. He talks about people being too scared to fight and turning down REAL fights, when I know he's recently turned down Dez and Danny Welsh making up excuses. Yet he has no problems padding his record full of 0-0, 0-1 weekend journeymen from SK fight club

    He's the most deluded fighter I've ever come across. I look forward to seeing him get KTFO by someone legit soon.

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    Imo the best performance of Leeroy's career was his loss to Marshman.

    Keep us updated on this Sengoku.

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    He won't fight a 4-2 lad because he doesn't see it as a worthy fight but would fight a 4-1 lad. This is baffling to me.
    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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    leave leeroy alone. his motivational posters are still an inspiration to me
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Leeroy Barnes is literally the dumbest person in the world.

    LOL just LOL.

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    doesn't seem to understand the irony of calling someone who has been fighting pro for one year and has a 4-1 record at a fairly low level a shit house for not asking for that fight

    having beaten only four fighters with a winning record in a 30 fight career doesn't really seem like much to be making such a public display about
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    Lol exactly Zanmato, people have provided the numbers, surely he is aware of this.

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    i'm not a fighter before anyone says and he has got in the cage with some good guys so i won't dismiss his bottle but as you say the numbers don't lie and Bukauskas' last fight against Pavel Doroftei is probably currently already a more high level fight than barnes
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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