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Thread: Have you been Thailand to train Muay Thai?

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    Default Have you been Thailand to train Muay Thai?

    If so, I know someone who would like to speak with you

    A fellow journo I know is writing about travelling to Thailand to train Muay Thai, and she would like to speak to people who have done it. I know there are a ton of you on here, so if you fancy a name check in an international magazine then give her a shout.

    her name is Maki and you can email her on


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    I haven't yet, but I am heading over there in March/April for 6 months so would be more than happy to update her on my progress once I arrive or give details as to why I am going and my plans, etc...

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    I'm going next week (first time in Thailand) if that's any help.
    Quocunque Jeceris Stabit.

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    been three times before, i want to go again thinking of april, but depends on what the cash flow is like, have you tried posting it on axkickboxing (i think thats its name,) i know there is alot of people on there who have made thailand practically a seconded home.
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    I went for a month in 2005 around Sept time.
    Trained at the Sassiprapa in Bangkapi, Nice Gym, Good Coaches, Shit Food, Hot Weather Great Experience.

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    i wanna go there and have tubes stuck up my arse for two weeks, disgusting , but shoud make a good story !!

    WORD !!

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    Went last september for 2 weeks at TMT, Training was awesome and so was the food lol

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    did 2 weeks at TMT last August, going back at Easter.

    Have sent her an e-mail



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    I've trained at Sinbi-MuayThai (phuket) twice in the last 12 months staying for 3 months both times. Fuck awesome.

    PM me if you want any further info

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