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    Default Krav Maga ...

    Anyone got any idea if this guy is any good?

    A few people in work talking about it.

    Maybe they've been watching too many Bourne films

    Seriously though anyone know this guys credentials, seems a bit gimmicky and expensive to me ...

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    The link didnt work for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Swann View Post
    The link didnt work for me
    Try Explorer if your using Firefox.

    He's just recently opened a class in Liverpool and a few people I know where interested in it (after watching 'Human Weapon').

    Just wanted to know if the guy who teaches it 'Adrian Siman' is any good or if anyone has experienced his class.

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    Anyone know of any classes in the East Anglia region?

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    Hi can you privide any more details about your class at Gymbox - wouldn't mind popping down one tiem to try it out



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    krav maga was what was taught to the blanket stackers and normal troops try doing a search for major avi nardia krav panim el panim then thank me.i dont train it but it comes up in work situations all the time and is Brutal.Only a few instructors authorised though

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    Default my mate went to this in Cardiff, said he enjoyed it. Lots of knife stuff, my advice to him if someone pulled a knife was to either hit him with a chair or run away (then run the fucker over in your car).

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    If your after a class in East Anglia...

    At Fitness First in Colchester at the moment there is Krav Maga on Wed and Fri evenings.

    Mariusz Starczyk is the instructor, please see the link for his CV etc!

    He has been running KM there for a couple of years now, small friendly classes..and no selling you matching outfits and S**t, turn up in your own clothing and train. As other posts have rightly said, it's not a sport. Its Self defence...learning to tap someone out is lovely in a ring, not so handy outside, they tend to hit you again once you have let go!

    Lots of multiple attack work, knife, stick, ground fighting etc etc They also run seminars..weekends and evenings, these are not restricted to the gym enviroment...carparks, forest, and night sessions all to make you adapt your fighting skills and methods!

    Hope that helps, I couln't find a KM class anywhere near Colchester...well not one that acually taught Krav Maga...

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    Krav maga was designed as a self defense system by the israelis.

    Some good stuff, but a lot of classes don't spar, which is an issue for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigreddog View Post
    Krav maga was designed as a self defense system by the israelis.

    Some good stuff, but a lot of classes don't spar, which is an issue for me
    Yeah me too.I attended one class and they said to go to a MT class if I wanted to spar.Imo you have to spar to train for any kind of conflict.
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