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    mindset is key in any art

    but the comment on thai is frankly bollocks

    I went to a seminar with a guy whos one of the founders of Krav - now he was good , ex Israeli SF, BUT he was 6ft 4 and about 100+ kg and hands like anvils... he had also trained carlos newton for Judo/MMA - so knew his stuff and even if he hadnt done Krav, his boxing, muay thai and grappling were sound so hed be a handful for anyone

    but his students,,,,

    I did a cpl of 'attacks' with some of them and the 2 guys who had been training for some time, they were very confident and almost semi instructors - had the combats on and all the israeli writing etc tried to do some bits as they attack and were both dropped with a good inside leg kick and clearly in a bit of pain

    now I am no thai boxing legend by any means just train diligently...

    so whilst Kravv is good and worthwhile this sudden mystic that its the dogs danglies is in my opinion a bit overrated and a big money spinner

    when we spar at the gym I dont throw elbows on the top of my buddies head, I dont throw a continuation kick full pelt when they go down , or knee them full power to the face - but in a fight I can and do - so the - I dont do it in training - really is only useful for say TMA (kata and suchlike)

    in and MMA class you wont soccer kick your buddy but in real life of course you would

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    I think your core skill is the key, if for eg you are a solid Thai Boxer you will have a good core skill for a fight, and, you can adapt that skill. Take two combatants, one with a good core skill and one without, tell them both that they can poke each other in the eye and who will be more successful ?, well if you cannot hit me in the head with a 16oz glove on and I can hit you at will I reckon it would be me. Also a 100 kg wrestler who is skilled at throwing bodies around can swing a mean bar stool. On the subject of avoidance, gangs of guys are gonna go hunting where the girls are, this will never change and the girls know this, the bar owners know this, so if you are not an OAP like me you will probably need to go where there is alcohol and gangs of guys.

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    any good clubs in the derby area?

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    I think everyone should be careful when thinking krav magra will be useful against multiple opponents or street fights. The videos that have been posted are demonstrations, and while the techniques look impressive, closer inspection reveals that the person almost freezes when they attack and wait for the person to respond. the attacker should be resisting to make it easier to gauge how effective it might be.

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    in the videos i have seen people are almost " waiting to fall over"

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    I train Krav with Furious and completely agree with everything he has said. Sadly it would seem a number of people have completely missed the point here however. I couldnt say what would happen if you put MMA VS Krav to the test in a ring but i know which one make me feel that bit more confident when im working the doors in London.

    MMA is a sport that i love and i enjoy both practicing and watching it and i think most people here if they are being honest would admit that when your walking home on your own late at night and you see a couple of lads hanging around up ahead of you... the fact that you train MMA makes you feel that bit more confident. Unfortunately the fact that you do would probably make sod all differance if it came to it. For all the shit that some people on here spout, the street is very very different to your gym, to the cage or to the ring. Situations happen and change in an instant and theres no weigh-in, no pre-fight massage, no1 in your corner to spur you on, no time to prepare or physch yourself up and although u may be able to knock some cunt out with one punch, or kick someone in the head or do a perfect spinning back fist... none of this is honestly gonna do you much good because i promise you if somebody ever pulls a knife on you, your gonna freeze and probably wet yourself.

    Ive lived in East London all my life and in that time ive been beaten unconcious, mugged, assulted, stabbed with a screwdriver and car-jacked at gunpoint. Every single time any of this happened, i froze. As a normal, law-abiding citizen my mind just couldnt cope with whats happening fast enough to react. Forget all the stupid showboating on YouTube, the NUMBER ONE purpose of Krav in my mind is to teach you to react rather than freeze, for your instincts and training to kick in before your mind is done processing whats happening. This is why one of the excercises during a training session involves somebody standing in the centre of the room, either with their eyes closed or blindfolded, and with loud(ish) music playing whilst somebody else attacks them at random and at full speed to try and replicate these sort of situations and to build reactions to them.

    Sorry for the essay, i just had to put my 10p's worth in. In short, MMA and Krav cannot possibly be compared side by side as "fighting styles" as their purposes and uses are completely different.


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    i never read all da posts cuz iaint sad but i hear dis is some dry sport to do wid knifes hahha
    Student of the Art

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    i never read all da posts
    No shit...
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    If your after a class in East Anglia...

    At Fitness First in Colchester at the moment there is Krav Maga on Wed and Fri evenings.

    Mariusz Starczyk is the instructor, please see the link for his CV etc!

    He has been running KM there for a couple of years now, small friendly classes..and no selling you matching outfits and S**t, turn up in your own clothing and train. As other posts have rightly said, it's not a sport. Its Self defence...learning to tap someone out is lovely in a ring, not so handy outside, they tend to hit you again once you have let go!

    Lots of multiple attack work, knife, stick, ground fighting etc etc They also run seminars..weekends and evenings, these are not restricted to the gym enviroment...carparks, forest, and night sessions all to make you adapt your fighting skills and methods!

    Hope that helps, I couln't find a KM class anywhere near Colchester...well not one that acually taught Krav Maga...

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    I also heard that Shotokan Karate is pretty good.
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