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Thread: So is this for Amateur No Headshots?

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    most amateur in the uk has head shots standing and on the ground, but they normally use larger gloves and ban elbows/knees. i guess people who aren't being paid and have work monday morning prefer this as there's less chance of getting cut.

    there are a few events like old rings style with only strikes to the body on the ground.

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    I am an MMA fan and student paramedic and I for one do not believe that head shots should be permitted in amateur MMA. Although I train regularly in MMA and used to train in Muay Thai, I am also a student healthcare professional and I am naturally keen to preserve my health and the health of my opponent.

    MMA is about testing my skill against another person, it is not about getting in a cheap shot and knocking them out. I watched Amir Khan knock a guy out in 7 seconds, what will this prove in MMA?

    Anyone can tap somebody on the button either through skill or by fluke but this defeats the purpose of MMA. Do we really want to see two people smacking each other? Or do we want to see a skilled fight?

    Amateur fighters (in my experience) do not generally have the same fitness, health and training levels as the professionals. This isn't in any way an attack on amateur fighters it's reality. A professional fighter does this for a living, when they aren't fighting or training, they are dreaming about fighting and training.

    For me personally, it's all about the grappling and I am about to become a Gracie Instructor. I have a 3 month trip booked to Torrance for full time training with Rorion and Rener. It's costing me a lot of money but I owe myself a break from Uni and I have saved hard for this.

    If I wanted to box then I would join a boxing club but for me, MMA is about fighting through all the ranges not just punching. The rules exist to preserve the safety and well being of the fighters involved. After all, we don't want to injure our opponent. What do we achieve by knocking them out or breaking their arm? Does it prove we are better than them? No! It shows that we have not mastered self control and that we have not matured as fighters.

    MMA is not about hurting your opponent, it is about testing your skill and the better fighter is the man (or woman) who can win a fight without injuring their opponent.

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    Varies for different events don't it?
    "A boxer is the best predator on land. The Lion, but throw him in the shark tank and he becomes just another meal" Renzo Gracie.

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    For a lot of people, amateur mma is meant to be a platform to get people fighting at the semi pro or pro level. Amateur fighters need to train as hard as pro fighters, or at least aspire to. How is ground and pound considered "a cheap shot?" It's part of the skill of the sport.

    To say that amateur fighters don't have the skill or fitness of pro fighters is also, in a number of cases, completely incorrect (and in some cases the complete opposite - there's some exceptionally fit and strong and talented amateur fighters that haven't had their break yet, and there's some pro fighters that struggle to go more than a round).

    The main difference, other than pay, is experience and opportunity. I hate to say it, but there's fighters fighting under pro rules that shouldn't be fighting at that level yet, and there's fighters on the amateur circuit that should be on the pro circuit but maybe don't have the opportunity to get there because of all the exhibition matches that get put on the big shows or they don't have a way in as they aren't chummy with the promoter.

    And yes, there are amateur fighters that wish to stay amateur. Or who aren't so skilled but looking to get experience. That's what matchmaking is all about. But if you want to test your jiu jitsu, do a jiu jitsu competition. Don't say that you can't have ground and pound because it's not a test of skill. I can only assume that someone who thinks like that is talking from a lack of experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil_Allen View Post
    most amateur in the uk has head shots standing and on the ground, but they normally use larger gloves and ban elbows/knees.
    ... or is it pro MMA but with larger gloves and no elbows?

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