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    im starting to train mma after not doing anything for 2 years what sort of diet would you recommend to help lose weight and increase fitness

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    Hi mate well I am no expert but I have previously cut down to fight in the past here is how I did it.
    As well as training long slow cardio fat burn sessions and had only 2 days rest for a week, I cut all the shite out, no treats at all, no crisps, chocolate fuck all. I substituted bread with wholemeal pittas, a quality substitute in my opinion, had porridge, every morning (oatso simple to a lovely range) with chopped banana in maybe some nuts and raisins.
    would have a light dinner chicken salad or sandwhich not much else, main meal was normally pasta or stir fry with chicken breast and light tomato sauce type stuff and I stopped eating anything after 6 o clock.
    I didnt eat any red meat either for a whole two month period.

    For water I was drinking about 4 litres a day without fail making sure I always had a full 2 litre bottle with me or close to me and just sipping throughout day.
    Ive also heard of people cutting by not mixing proteins and carbs as I said I am no expert but what I did worked for me I just ate healthy kept up the cardio and the weight dropped off, the hardest thing was resisting sweet foods for me so would just snack on fruit througout day for the sugars in that.

    Good luck man hope it goes well.............ya fat cunt lol
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    thanks 4 that mate i will try it cutting the shandy out will be a challenge

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