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Thread: Muay Thai style anklets in BJJ?

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    Default Muay Thai style anklets in BJJ?

    Are these things allowed in BJJ competition?

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    i think so
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    and potentially encouraged as they are great to get a decent grip of if the gi pants aren't forthcoming

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    Check out the rules or ask JSHO in the Europeans, you wern't allowed to wear any supports at all. Depends on how strict they are!

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    I must have sneaked through then because I had loads of ankle support on due to injury at the europeans. You would think they would allow it if they allow you to strap your shoulder or even head to continue as I saw was happening. If they dont allow ankle supports then where does it stop? Is taping fingers a rule breaker? Predator Fightwear CrossFit Northampton Maximum Nutrition

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    I know I saw a few people competing with supports, but I also saw others get turned away, by the officials. Made to take supports off, change Gi's cos they were too tight, even saw Guys ripping patches off, cos there were where they wern't supposed to be!!

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