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Thread: AFL Newport 15th March

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    any1 no who i would have 2 speak 2 2 get my fight or the event dvd or video wateva they do, cause it was recorded right?

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    Mike Swanbo usually has a DVD out about 6 weeks after the event. Is a fecking nightmare to get hold of it though I can tell you from experience :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hywel Teague View Post
    quite a lot. couldn't give you an exact number but I'd guess it was probabaly around 600 capacity or so. Amazing they did so well considering that Wales played for the Six Nations the same day. Nathan 'Nicky' Beer sold 250 odd tickets by himself, that was pretty good going

    That was crazy support from his fan's! good fight aswell lol

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    not a report, but more some thoughts from the event over at my personal blog

    will get a brief report up on FO's main website soon

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    nick is still a beast

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    Big up to all the boys who fought - what a night of entertainment! Sold some tickets to some friends who came along and had a great night - good job Mike & co!

    Aplin - seems you were wrong about the tourney - mismatch it certainly wasn't! Josh gave an excellent account of himself in the (highly technical) final, it was easily the closest fight of the night. I personally would have liked to have seen another round. I'm sure Mike would like to give him a rematch - I for one think he deserves it and would love to see it.

    As for Stuart Tyrie - I'm blown away! I train wth Nick regularly and the guy is an absolute machine, so that just shows the magnitude of Stuarts victory. That said (and I do think Tyrie has a great future in this sport) I would still like to see a rematch of this fight. Stuart caught Nick early on with a punch that rocked him and he was never given the chance to recover - I'm fairly certain that with a good game plan, and now knowing what to expect, Nick would have a good chance of beating Stuart.

    The AFL Pool just seems to be getting deeper, and I think with shows like that the fighters who want to eventully turn pro are gaining invaluable experience, which I know was one of Mike's main objectives when he was thinking about putting together the first show back in caerphilly in 06. I will miss the next one in June but cannot wait until september when I will hopefully be back in the cage!

    Well done again lads!!

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    any sites got any pictures from the event? there was some gd fights that nite

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    London why?

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