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Thread: Zt Today

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    Hey daihlo i was first up in the fight, i was woundering if u guys had filmed it. good day on all, everyone fought good!!

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    yes mate, got all the fights up until the boxing began. Got in late yesterday so only put the KO on as I wanted to see it again myself!

    Will get all the others up asap, does anyone have the names of al the fighters and in which bouts?


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    anthony looks like a bad man on the feet !!

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    Default More vids...

    Got the rest of the vids done, been a busy week so had to put them on low priority! No editing on these, just uploaded onto youtube (which takes forever!??)

    Unfotunately, I dont have any of the names for these fighters, have put requests out for names but nothings come back so just labelled them fight 1,2,3 etc.
    I filmed the first 12 up till the boxing but stopped there. If you know the names, let me know and will see if I can edit the vids on youtube that these link to.

    enjoy - Tim

    FIGHT 1

    Fight 2

    Fight 3

    more to follow...

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    cheers for the names, updates vids. Keep em coming!

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    Fight 1: Yassin Larouci Vs alex collins (Warrior shorts)

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    Sorry Yass, mate - I didn't know your surname or I'd have posted it.

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