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Thread: Training abroad- thailand, brazil etc...

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    Default Training abroad- thailand, brazil etc...

    After uni i plan on traveling, but i dont want to stop training while away, so want to base it around going places i can train, but are also cool to visit, Just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations or experiences, of places in thailand, or brazil, or russia etc... (obv americas good, but also very expensive so im more interested in places like thailand and brazil where i can get alot for my money)...thanks in advance for any responce

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    americas will prob be cheapest option or thailand, brazil's real currency to US$ has improved towards $$ so not as cheap. same as russian ruble, dropping like wildfire at the mo.

    good luck anyway, id just save all and go to chutebox or extreme couture etc.

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    I did BJJ in Rio for 2 weeks, went to Gracie Camp, you can do it alot cheaper by organising your own rented flat and stuff but since we were only going for two weeks it just made it alot easier.

    All transport is laid on, you get breakfast and lunch, three training sessions a day and you get to train with some of the best bjj guys there are!

    Not too sure on the MMA front though. There is an MMA team running from Gracie Barra (babalu trains there), but I didnt see any 'westerners' training with them.

    If you just google Gracie Camp then theres loads of articles on it

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    alrite cheers appreciate it guys...anyone else got any reccomendations?!

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    matty the gracie barra combat team(mma team) have now moved about 10mins down the road, are at gordo's academy.
    rio is great- been 6 times now. enjoyed every trip, plus the night life is great away from training, so if u like training hard, fighting hard and partying hard its the place to go. so thankful training took me there, if i never did jj i'd hv never pos considered it. ps the food is the titties.

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    how much did gracie camp cost for two weeks?

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    its $25 a day to train at extreme coutureand theres about 6 - 8 hours a day of lessons! You could prob get flights for 350 cheaper hotels which are not on strip for between $20 a night.

    Went to watch Hatton Vs Mayweather and did a spot of ytraining whie I was out there!

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    well if you go to thailand or brazil.. count in time to get used to the weather (some cases food) before doing training or good training
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