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Thread: single leg defence (vid)

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    Default single leg defence (vid)

    best defence for single leg takedown

    cheers to aaron from scs for the vid !!!

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    that's mental... don't think I'm gonna be trying anything that acrobatic anytime soon, a rolling omaplata is about as fancy as I get!!!

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    thats the one I normaly use but with 2 flips

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    The artist formally known as OilinDaDrum

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    i realy dont see why anyone is so amazed by it.. where i wrestled it was pretty normal do train and do it...
    Insert whiny message

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    im fat!! so its pretty amazing to me.
    The artist formally known as OilinDaDrum

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    damn..... there's loads of 'em

    My wrestling coach never taught us that one in high school!

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    Would love to see one of those done in MMA!

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