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Thread: Batten or Remedios?????

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    Danny by Decision. I think Leigh's been out too long.
    Thing is... Leigh has still been active, down the gym maintaining, teaching BJJ / MMA three times a week, sparring during classes with the likes of Paul Reed (5-0 unbeaten?) and holding seminars... not to mention taking part in compeitions...

    Seeing Leigh before he even started training for this fight you could see he was in good shape, seeing him about 4/5 weeks ago he was in great shape and I am sure come fight night he'll be in perfect condition, he's done it all before at the highest level...

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    tough one, either fighter could make a silly mistake and get caught out with a sub or strike, i think that battens stand up is better, but leighs ground game is better than battens.

    but thats just my personal opinion!

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    not easy fight cause danny is a very good fighter . but i think leigh wil win. it will be a very skilled battle...

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    Leigh all the way!

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    Hello to everyone my first post on here.

    I am going with Batten and quite comfortably maybe even via sub i think if you look at the fights with fernandez and remedios and then look at Batten v fernandez batten made light work of fernandez and remedios struggled in my opinion.I think Batten definately has the more complete game and i think with remedios not being active could be a fight to far for a comeback.

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    im going with Danny, Leigh may have too much ring rust

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    Thumbs up

    Leigh all the way! He may have not competed for a while, but he is in good shape and has spent all this time teaching and drilling his skills. Experience and fitness will see Leigh win comfortably

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    Danny rd 2 armbar WME-IMG

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    Both are great fighters.. don't underestimate Danny's ground game, he is a brown belt afterall..

    tough to call but I'll say Danny by sub rd2
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    Ok.... now my 2 cents!

    Obvisously, I'm slightly biased, but think it's going to be Danny that is victorious! Two many ways to win. He cancels out all of Remedios's strengths and has been ALOT more active against higher level of competition.

    Danny by sub rnd 2!
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