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    Hi there guys I was wondering if you could tell me some good places to do wrestling in London. I appreciate any opinions are subjective but somewhere good would be cool.
    I am interested in both freestyle and Greco. I like the sound of London Shoot but nine pound a go is a bit steep for me at the moment unfortunately.


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    Also slighly off topic I have always wanted to train in catch wrestling (due to fighters like Sakuraba) but it seems to be hard to find anywhere in the UK that trains in it.

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    Have a look at

    they deal with catch wrestling

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    Thanks Caledonian. I couldn't find any Catch Wrestling clubs on there unforunately at least not in London.

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    Try out:

    Kensington Wrestling Club
    Kensington Sports Centre
    Walmer Road
    W11 4PQ

    Classes held on: Mondays - Thursdays

    Coach: Masoud Honarfar Tel: 07958 300222

    This is where some of the London Shoot Fighters train.
    Its a good price and if you are a student its even BETTER.

    Hope this info helps..
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    sorry I cant post new threads, Does anyone know the address of this BJJ club in Brixton taught by some guy named austin?

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    I will get the address for you as soon as I can. Two people from that club train with us here in Hammersmith.

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    Rob Sulski still coaches @ London Peacock (Canning Town).
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