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Thread: double and single padded shinguards?

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    Default double and single padded shinguards?

    is there a big difference?

    plus.. does any brand do green shinpads?

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    I have two pairs of Sandee "Boot" shin pads in green size Medium and one pair of Sandee Standard Shin Guard in Green size small. They are not on the website. Call us if you want them. 01204 659 719

    There is a difference between the Fairtex Standard Shin Guards (SP1) and the Fairtex Double Layered Shin Guard (SP3), however it isn’t really very much when you measure the depth of padding.

    When you compare the SP3 to the Sandee Boot shin guard (SBS) or Twins Shin Guard (SGL2) you will find that both the Boot Shin Guard and the Twins SGL2 actually have a deeper layer of padding than the SP3, its just that on the Sandee the padding is "internal" rather than an exposed strip down the middle of the outside. Also on the Sandee Boot the padding is all the way round not just a strip down the middle.

    Although there is a difference between the two Fairtex models I personally think that the double layer thing is more of a marketing led design than a practical one.

    Also Fairtex shin guards (both models) are made form PU (“Syntec Leather” is Fairtex marketing speak for PU). Twins and Sandee are made from leather.

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    what do you recommend to buy? sandee or fairtex?

    also i am a medium i think in shinguards, what price is the green sandee with pnp?

    i just called my local shop i got gloves from but im not a huge fan of thier service and they charge just as much as you including postage and packaging.

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    boss just said he would buy me a pair, nice eh. might get at shirt too

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    I'd go for Sandee. Firstly they are leather as opposed to PU. They are also better made, harder wearing and more comfortable. I think thatthey are the best Shin Guards on the market. They also come in green and Faitex dont.

    Give Colin or Dina a ring on 01204 659 719 to get the green ones. £35.99 plus £6.50 p&p.

    New Encounter UK Tees are just in too if your in the market for anew Tee shirt.

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