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Thread: Extremely close-range fighting

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    Default Extremely close-range fighting

    thought i'd ask you fighter guys as well as the general public on SFUK.


    I was on the tram on the way home from work today. During rush-hour, the tram is PACKED, just like the london underground.

    Now I was trying to get from one side of the carriage to the other so I could get off and this guy would just not move out my way. I had no choice but to push past him, and he started getting arsey. Basically I told him to sfuk off and not to raise his voice at me and he backed down, but after I got off I was thinking how would I have dealt with him in such a confined space if it had kicked off?

    I was wearing my glasses, so my favourite close range weapon the headbutt would have been out (cos my glasses cost a frigging fortune and I can't afford a new pair)

    i was thinking afterwards my options would have been headbutts, short rising elbows, knees and biting the cvnts face off.

    so has anyone had experience of fighting in such a small space(like in a crowd at a gig, football match, riot etc) ? what did you find to be effective?

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    Your not gonna like this answer Doc but when the head is out of action, as it is the best short range weapon you,ve got and if executed correctly its normally the only blow that will get delivered? second to that kneeing in the knackers, both of these moves are not just extremely effective but they can actually stop a fight dead in its tracks instead of escalating it. When facing a possible situation in a built up area thats crowded get it over with quick & move on?

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    o no its ok dougie, i mayu be an eternal sportsman but i quite like the dirty stuff in the right circumstances

    headbutt is one of my faves!

    i was actually two seconds away from sinking my teeth into his face but i was waiting to see of he wanted to try anything before geting done for GBH with hundreds of witnesses!

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    There is another side to a perfect execution of a swift nudge in the happy sacks? that if the rest of the tram is pridominantley male then there is this tendancy for them all to feel this punishing blow in sympathy? allowing you ample safe passage to make your exit with little or no resistance!!!

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    dude eye gouges rock, headbutts are for fags you need to watch the ginger power eye gouge head kick fight on bum fights

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    ow do doc?
    a face full of spit uke:will often send an opponents head backward as an involuntry reaction, giving you a tad more room to strike and a couple of nano seconds with which to do it in.

    he who hesitates is lost grasshopper:chinese:

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