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Thread: Geoff Thompson Ground Fighting and Animal Day videos

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    Default Geoff Thompson Ground Fighting and Animal Day videos

    A random one, I know, but I have a selection on Geoff Thompson's original videos (VHS tapes) for sale.

    I have the 6 volumes of the 'Groundfighting Series,' covering the basics of groundfighting (with an aim for 'the street' if I remember rightly).

    I have the 3 volumes of the 'Advanced Groundfighting Series.'

    And the 2 'Animal Day' videos, where Geoff and his students go full contact at each other to look at how their different styles compare.

    These tapes are now at least 8 years old, and although very expensive back in the day I have no idea what their worth might be now, so if anyone is interested in Geoff Thompson's stuff, or just wants a retrospective look back at some original MMA stuff from back in the day, make me an offer.
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    ive got a vhs copy of animal farm and apparently thats worth a fair bit so im sure animal day (i guess they are the same sort of thing) is worth similar!

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