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Thread: Throwdown, Sprawl, HCK Shorts for Sale

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    Default Throwdown, Sprawl, HCK Shorts for Sale

    Sprawl Red & Black V-Flex XT Split Seam Competition - Size 36 worn/washed about 10 times so a bit faded - sprawl logo has just about come off. 10

    Throwdown 'skull' t shirt size large - unworn - 10

    Throwdown Rampage Fight Shorts - unworn - 15

    HCK White fight shorts - unworn - 10

    as reviewed here

    open to offers. Paypal please

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    are the throwdown shorts same size as the sprawls i presume. and are they quite long?
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    I've got the rampage shorts and there the same sort of length as thai shorts (a bit above the knee)

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    hmm being 6'4" i need long shorts
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    Well im 6"2 but if you want long shorts your better off with warrior wear

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    size are the HCK's?
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    I'll give you fifteen for the Rampage ones if they're a 36 and that includes postage.

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    all shorts are 36"

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    i'll have Throwdown shirt mate
    didnt realise this was u sellin this stuff what happened to YorkieBen???
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