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Thread: open mats/novice shows&tournaments?

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    Default open mats/novice shows&tournaments?

    I'm very new to mma(trained for about a year in grappling/submission work,and have boxed and kickboxed as an amateur)

    My question is how do i go about competing at a beginner level in either grapple subs or strike and submission.Are there any open mat shows etc? any help would be much appreciated,as i cant find anything i need on any forums.

    Im in lincolnshire by the way,but will travel.Just dont want to enter something i have no right to be in!

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    Everyone will say, your trainer should help you here. Who trains you?

    I dont know much about your area im sorry to say so I cant really help

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    where abouts to you trian in lincolnshire?

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    I believe there's an Open Mat in the not so distant future being organised by Dave Coles, details in the grappling section of forum.
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    Lincolnshire is very new to this kind of thing,so the trainers are pretty new to it aswell.I train at a gym in sleaford called impact martial arts,purely in mma.I also train once a week with a few guys who are ex boxers/judo players and kickboxers(this is raw but very,very physical).

    My trainer has fought in a few open mats,but not recently so is looking around for comps for us both to do aswell.

    I know this all sounds a bit vague,but like i said were newbies looking for a low grade entry to mma.Thanks to everyone who replied/replies.

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    Default for their amateur league got an event on this weekend, amateur rules MMA with no headshots and you wear shin and knee pads
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gareth View Post for their amateur league got an event on this weekend, amateur rules MMA with no headshots and you wear shin and knee pads
    this is a good event mate if your looking for experience, they also do fight nights at different levels. Contact Heath Gait and he'll try and match fighters by experience and what level as Gareth said they do no head shots amateur, semi pro rules (head shots standing) and full pro rules. There is also the AFL ran by Mike Swambo, amateur MMA but with head shots so semi-pro rules to most people. Big shows for the less experienced fighters. I have Mikes number if you want it or just go to - also

    Most grappling (no-gi) have novice (under 2 years) and advanced (over 2 years) catagories. With BJJ it's belts mate but guessing you guys haven't graded in BJJ? Best is contact most organisers explain the situation and just go for it. Good luck

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    Big thanks to everyone who replied.Exactly what i needed.

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