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Thread: Uk Mma News

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    fuck me bombshell!

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    gutted, like others said it must be huge unless someone has got ur password, logged on as you and this is all a blag???

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE MOSS View Post
    gutted, like others said it must be huge unless someone has got ur password, logged on as you and this is all a blag???
    i hope its not as that would be sick
    Paul is one of the best fighters this country has produced, March 29th will be a sad day for the world of MMA.
    but all the best for whatever you descide to do Paul, and whatever it is im sure you'll make a sucsess of it.

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    Good luck in all your future endeavors bro...MMA will be sub par without you.

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    Absolutly gutted. Ive had the pleasure to see Paul train at Bushido MMA and he is a true gent. There was a couple of us sparring one Sat after an MMA class and Paul had just finished a training session, he took the time to come over and give us pointers and id only been training a couple of months.

    Im sure he has his reasons for what he is doing and im sure he will succeed in whatever path he chooses to take next.
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    Sad to hear that Paul, you'll be missed
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    in my opinion without being a dick i cant see it being for long, everybody gets shit at work but its not easy to walk away from something a) your good at b) you worked hard to get recognised at c) pays your wages.

    il give it 6 months

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    Wow umm just dont know what to say to that really.
    I hope you change your mind on this as you're a great fighter and have many years left in the sport if you choose to continue in it

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    The guy prob just needs a break.Hes a young man and has had allot to cope with thick and fast.Glory has its pound of flesh and being in demand all the time takes its toll.My thinking is he needed to make a loud noise to get heard and just needs time to gather his thoughts away from the pressure,hel be back soon enough.
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    A great shame, I think you could have made it to the top; still your reasons are your own and good luck with them. I hope you do return in the not to distant future.

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