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Thread: Uk Mma News

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    Good grief ! One of the few talents who could have been a real superstar in this sport. Well good luck Paul in whatever you decide to do.

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    I moved to Australia last year and was trying to get the guys I work with into MMA so that I had someone to go to a show with. One of the first things I did was tell them to look up Paul Daley on Youtube.

    It's a real shame that he's retiring and would be really interested in his reasons but if they're personal then that's that I suppose. Good luck in the future Paul and hopefully will see you fighting again some day.

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    This is sad. I trained with paul at his seminar a while back and i was nervous because i didnt have any MMA experience and he was nothing but friendly and helpful when he didnt have to be. He was helpful when i met him and was an all round gent and just furthered the fact that MMA fighters are generally good people despite the public opinion. Im sad to hear it paul, hope you dont stay away for long, thanks for your help and hope you have made the right decision for you and thinks go well in the future.

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    you can take to dog out of the fight but not the fight out of the dog... Daley is a warrior and a hero to many, he will be back I am sure.

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    and this is what Pauls American fans are saying about the situation,

    for full Sherdog news story
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    A piece from Hywel's blog site

    For people in the industry, the most annoying thing is when a fighter decides to use the internet to publicly break the news themselves. When everyone is after an exclusive, or at least bragging rights over who got the news first, it can cause no small amount of resentment among the professional pundits that fighters are making their jobs seem less worthwhile.

    The most recent example of a fighter breaking their own news is of Cage Rage and EliteXC-signed athlete Paul Daley’s public announcement on the Cage Warriors forum that he is retiring. The shocking news came completely out of the blue, and not just for the forum members or those in the industry. Even Paul’s team-mates knew nothing about it.

    full story http://notesfromringside.wordpress.c...spair/#more-16

    I think that Paul making an announcement on the UKs biggest MMA news site was the best thing to do, as it is where most of his loyal fans have followed and supported him. Also people forget that Pauls early days were with Cage Warriors. Thank you Paul for choosing us to break this very sad news.

    I hope that we can also be the first to announce your return.
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    Understand fully where Hywel is coming from on the forum thing - I've been scooped by internet forums on news and sports stories and it's so frustrating when you either had an agreement with a contact or just an understanding that you'd be the first to get the story.

    But the internet, forums and blogging especially, has made it possible for almost anyone to get in on the journalism act and if anything it just means you've got to work that little bit harder at cultivating relationships with contacts - in this instance fighters.

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    woah..slightly confused by this and pretty gutted. Paul is a top fighter and i hope to see him come to terms with the factors behind his decision and return to mma..all the best mate

    but it does open a whole new kettle of fish regarding the WW division and titles in CR
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    stupid glory hunting journos
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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