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Self Regulation

Following a number of recent complaints from Members of this Forum, it has been brought to the attention of the Moderators that a minority of members are continuously posting obscene messages.

Naturally it will never be the position of this Forum to censor or adjudicate on matters of taste or preference, indeed this Forum has been and will remain a place for a full and frank exchange of views and debate that is self regulated by its members.

Nevertheless there are times when it is essential that a modicum of common sense be imposed in order to preserve this Forum for its members and to ensure that MMA as a sport continues to be brought out of the shadows and into the Sports mainstream. With this in mind would all members please be aware of their own obligations to themselves, each other and the sport;

1. This Forum is owned under licence by Warrior Promotions MMA UK Ltd and as such has an obligation by its contract with the ultimate software licence owner to behave responsibly and not ‘permit obscene or illegal images or discussion to take place’.

2. The Forum and its sub Forums are places for debate, news and comment, not for personal vendettas to be pursued by a minority of its members and as such, escalating posts that become increasingly obscene and offensive will be deleted.

3. All new posts to the Forum are visible around the website including the front page as a service to all viewers of the site to click on, thus any posts containing obscene, overtly offensive language or seemingly illegal in the subject title with be deleted to ensure that the sport is not brought into disrepute.

We feel sure that all Forum Members do not wish to see this facility censored or worse still, closed down through disregard of its contractual obligations ,so we appeal to all Members to be aware of the impact of their posts and the fragile self regulation we all enjoy