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Thread: Advice on setting up a club

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    Default Advice on setting up a club

    Any advice welcome.
    Feel the area needs something.

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    Advertising it would help

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    Be good enough to justify your status if it's tested.
    LANCASTER AND MORECAMBE MMA - Home to Shay Walsh, Matty Steele and Alex 'The Marksman' Makhonin

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    you have pm

    1st place 4 trophies - trophies for all sporting occassions.

    run by sports coaches for sport coaches

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    first you need a good solid piece of wood ...

    are you wanting to fight and teach?

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    Whats your background in martial arts ? what you looking to teach ?

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    i dont know your background but i would say unless you are sure you have some skills worth passing on, dont do it. Its your students that will suffer in the long run and your club wont last long.

    You also have to be prepared to keep learning and training yourself otherwise your students will plateau at a certain level and then never get better, get bored and leave.

    Good luck, hope it works out

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    looking to get people in to train different disciplines

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    Default Club advice

    Make sure you work with people you can trust and who won't stab you in the back, when you've done all the hard work. What disciplines are you looking at to get people into and are you proficient enough in them? Make sure you can access other high quality instructors and keep giving your students well structured training sessions and access to higher graded instructors, provided they are of course, technically sound and not the Bullshido kind of guys


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    the bushido guys?

    looking to "outsource" the coaching i guess.

    Got guys for boxing, judo and have a guy interested in helping out with mma (knows a few other guys around who could help)

    as i work at a college I am looking to get students involved and am looking to start at the very basic end.

    also what did you mean by stab in the back?

    take over?


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