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Thread: My Mum passed away just over a week ago

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    Default My Mum passed away just over a week ago

    She suffered a heart attack - very very quick - didn't feel any pain...
    However we're absolutely devastated. She didn't have any previous health problems apart from occasional high blood pressure, which she was taking tablets for... Only 68 - she still had much to look forward to...

    This should have been a happy time for all of us. My son was born three weeks ago any my parents were looking forward to spending time pampering and spoiling my son rotten. Now my Mum is gone and there is a huge emptiness in our lives

    Funeral was a couple of days ago - I don't know how I'm going to cope - this has ripped my heart to pieces - and I admit it feels like my spirit's been broken... Right now I miss my Mum so bad I can't even begin to describe...

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    Sorry to hear that mate.

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    Im really sorry to hear that ul nver get over it but you learn to cope and your mum will always be with you aswell as the many memories you have of her, you just concentrate on your family and you will pull through it, i lost my dad at 18 yrs old he was only 57 from cancer, it was hard at first but u get to a point were you can think of them and smile and share memories with the rest of your family without crying or feeling hurt, im gonna give you a link i love this site its a memorial site that you can create for your mum and all your family can light candles leave tributes and things like that, heres the site check it out if you want it helped me with my grieving hope it helps you too xxx

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    It's strange, but death so frequently draws the truth of our emotions from us,
    "Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love. ~George Eliot"
    It must feel heart wrenching, hun.
    How old are you? Do you fight within the sport?

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    keep your chin up mate and remember the good times and the love you shared, she would want you to remember her with happiness rather than sadness , even though i know that must be real hard at the moment.

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    Chin up mate, my thoughts are with you and your family!
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    Sorry to hear about your loss Jogs. You can never prepare for something like the loss of a parent, it's one of the hardest things you'll ever go through. Your mum got to meet her precious Grandson and although physically she won't be around, the love that she brought you up to know will be passed onto your child.

    Don't expect to get over this quickly, take time to grieve and let time heal.x
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    Hi Jogs

    My dad passed away from a surprise heart attack at 58 ironically just after my wife had fallen pregnant with our first child. That was five years ago and I still think of him every day but he was a great friend and I take real comfort from the fact he died quickly and painlessly. It would have broken my heart to see him deteriorate over a period of months from cancer or something. My son being born really helped the family focus on something and I'm sure your son will provide the same. It does take a long time though mate.

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    Do u know what ive always wondered which is the hardest, them passing unexpectedly and never getting the chance to say goodbye or knowing there gonna die and sit and watch them suffer like i did with my dad, its like ur waiting for them to die but u get the chance to say things uve never told em but its still devasting, so like i say i dont know what way would be easier ;(

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    Hi mate, my Dad died Feb 7th 2007, he fought cancer for just over 2 years. He was only 52, my nephew was born a month later and my bros wedding was in June. It was very hard knowing he'd never hold my nephew and wouldnt be at my bros wedding. I miss him everyday, was very hard this past feb. If u wanna chat bout anything mate just give me a pm. Sorry to hear about your Mum. RIP.
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