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Best thing though is probably to talk to your coach and find out when he thinks you are ready rather than just pimping yourself on the net looking for "nothing too serious" just cos you enjoy the sport.

pimping? or making an enquiry into what events were currently on offer on a major uk mma forum
wasnt criticizing, just offering advice. I also gave you a couple of events not too far from you that offer what you are looking for.

My opinion is that it is the wrong approach to come on the net advertising yourself for your first fight. Should be the coaches job to decide when you are ready then get you the right fight on the right event IMHO. Its up to you what you do though dude, good luck. Hopefully the two contacts i gave will be able to help you out. Or if you want no headshots you could enter the MMA league @ seni in london on 26/27 april ???