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Thread: Mmaalien vs Aplin

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    Default Mmaalien vs Aplin

    Quote Originally Posted by MMAlien View Post
    I think maybe Aplin is bitter because both his losses are to fighters who are entering the tourny and he is gutted that he's not good enough to be included.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aplin View Post
    Whatever dick head. I am not bitter at all, they are all great guys, all very skilled and I believe all have a good future. I just think that when you have people like Paul Reed, Stapes, etc saying 'I have sparred Raj, he is good' you need to stop and think... why is this guy sparring with people of such high calibour, when Josh, Martin and Kevin are learning / being taught by people like this...

    I have asked to rematch both Kevin and Martin, and I would like to fight Raj when I get back from Thailand next year. Although you try and piss me off Ricky because you're an ass kisser to certain people, I know on the day I wasn't good enough to beat either, which is why I am doing something about it and going to train full time in Thailand. I am glad I lost to both because it taught me something, it taught me I need to train seriously and that is what I'm going to do from now on.

    I look forward to coming back in one years time and making you eat your words Ricky... now, go train and how about instead of critisizing people you get in the cage and actually fight? I'm back in January if you loose enough weight (stop drinking / eating shit) and it shouldn't be a problem for you seeing as 'I'm not good enough' for people in the AFL

    I'll even follow your dodgy match making and fight you at 70KG seeing as your 'slimming world' diet is going so well... so there's your motivation I hate 'calling people out' on forums, but your such a cocky critic that I feel I need to because otherwise you think you have a higher status which is not the case. I don't care if someone has lost 20 fights and tells me I suck, but I do care about someone having had no fights and telling me I'm not good enough... So step up Ricky...

    MMA Alien:

    You got one
    In case anyone missed, its from the amateur forum.. So its a no head shot call out?
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    fair enough

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    i would like to sponser this bout
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    its a serious call out luke. so please post a normal prediction, or pics of jail bait
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    Does MMAalien compete in MMA though? If not, surely thats a bit unfair?

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    it's AFL rules so head shots standing

    be careful though Appers heres a clip of where Rickey lives

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    lol, anyone else thinking droc v hassan.

    but i spose you can look forward to a job managing the welsh top team in a few years, fanboy.

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    Lets get it on. Come on boys. WAR.
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