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    Please list any MMA McDojo's you know of as MMA becomes more and more mainstream there will be no doubt McDojo's will be cropping up all over the place.

    Please can we list the McDojo and then reasons why:

    1) DTEC MMA


    The coach has no qualifications / grades etc (apart from a BJJ Blue Belt which was paid for)

    The only coaching he does relates to flipping tyres,medicine ball workouts, Kettle Balls, Bungee Cords etc etc etc he doesnt actually coach anything technical 80% of his sessions are cardio work.

    His number one fighter Darren "NINJA" Moore has less that 5 MMA fights (none pro i believe) and the coach at DTEC is trying to push him forward and has contacted the UFC about a possible matchup.

    He tried to match one of his niave students whom again had less that 5 MMA fights (none pro) with one of the UK's top Ligh heavy Weights who has fought on all of the top shows.

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