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Thread: The McDojo List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderlips View Post
    Please list any MMA McDojo's you know of as MMA becomes more and more mainstream there will be no doubt McDojo's will be cropping up all over the place.

    Please can we list the McDojo and then reasons why:

    1) DTEC MMA


    The coach has no qualifications / grades etc (apart from a BJJ Blue Belt which was paid for)

    Team Warriors Elite MMA
    TWE Muay Thai
    Roches Boxing

    sponsored by
    The Body Temple Gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchman View Post
    I have been training in martial arts for 20 + years my
    Current Martial Arts Achievements
    10th Khan - INSTRUCTOR - RED BAND Muay Thai and registered Judge (BTBC)(DTEC)
    Blue Belt 1st stripe Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (DLR)
    2nd degree black belt Aikido (NIPPON DAI)
    1st degree black belt Kobudo (NIPPON DAI)
    Blue belt Japanese ju-jitsu (BJJAGB)

    As well as the list of achievements I have Studied western boxing and Valetudo for nearly 10 years. and also Taught Martial Arts for Karate , ju-jitsu and Aikido Shian Arthur Bradley.

    well its hard to see what he claims...

    gabrial's back.......................................
    Team Warriors Elite MMA
    TWE Muay Thai
    Roches Boxing

    sponsored by
    The Body Temple Gym

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    Default Mma


    I am currently teaching Kudo (Japanese MMA) in Cheshire with Pele. Its all about scale and relativity... Who is qualified to teach MMA? What exactly is MMA? Who controls or owns it?

    Pele is a Muaythai teacher with a background in Judo and now training with me. He will be a great asset to your great MMA sport, dont file him under Mcdojo.

    I hope this clears up your concerns?

    Lee Hasdell
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    LOL @ him leaving his mobile on that website.

    He needs to learn how to use the spell check feature on his computer.

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    Hi nice to see Lee Hasdel 'qualify' Pele.
    pele should not be on this list!

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    as usual the people doing most of the "slagging off " are faceless trolls who have no accountability for their comments as no one knows who they are

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