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Thread: UK MMA League (Seni 08)

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    maybe they cant make a living out of fighting pro and have dropped back down to amateur? or is that not allowed?

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    pretty sure not everyone who fights under pro rules actually makes a living as a professional fighter... there is a significant difference between a pro mma fighter and someone who has just fought under pro-rules.

    dont forget you will still fight under the same ruleset in UKMMA league no matter who you face. So they cant use their pro rules experience to elbow you or punch you in the head... so who cares if they've fought pro-rules before?? You could end up with someone who is 5-0 in amateur mma. I would rather fight someone who is 2-1-0 in pro mma under MMA league rules than someone who is 5-0 in amateur !!!

    you could end up facing a bjj blackbelt who has never fought mma but would own you on the ground (which is pretty much the only way of winning in UKMMA league, unless you can ko someone with your body punches and kicking!)

    i dont think it is relevant to piss and moan about the possibility of fighting someone who has fought pro-rules before.

    also its pretty much guaranteed that no professional mma fighters will enter this, as they dont get paid so wouldnt risk an injury to enter something like this i wouldnt have thought.

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    I have to agree with the above, if you are happy with the rules it should not matter if they have fought pro

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    yeah but this is an amatuer competition right, defeats the object if professional level fighters are entering

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    i hear what you are saying kaan. But i think there is a massive difference between "someone who has fought under pro-rules" and a "professional level fighter". Just cos someone has fought under pro-rules doesnt mean they are any good and certainly doesnt mean they are "pro-level".

    You wont get people of high standard like your mcVeighs,daleys,hardy's, picketts, olivers etc etc.. entering these type of tournaments. You might get some who are better than they would have you believe, but you are never gonna weed out all "sandbaggers" from these type of tournaments, unfortunately.

    it isnt worth moaning about. If you're gonna compete then step up and do it, you're all fighting under the same rules and skill levels will vary. The promoters do all they can to keep it as competitive as possible but you cant catch 'em all.

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    fair enough, in my first competition, i fought a pro fighter in the final of the comp, through the hard training i made it through and won by an inspirational sub, but i did feel sorry for the hard training competitors before me who got defeated by the pro fighter, luckily though i aint facing any of your scs lot as i am entering the saturday comp, are you entering?

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    Only Sunday is left to fight. Sign up now. Or you will miss out.
    MMA RULES East Coast Fight Factory show dates 2014
    7th June - 4th Oct - 15 Nov - Fighters Wanted

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    if you read the rules it does say you cant compete if you've had a pro fight or more than x amount of semi pro fights

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    I've never had any martial arts/boxing experience in my life, although i am a very keen MMA and boxing fan and do practice by myself lol.

    Would i stand any chance or would i get completely killed as im not aware of the standerd of competition.

    Im guessing it would be the better decision to stick to the sidelines?

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    You'd get killed. Trust me.

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